The great thing about people
at Jumps is that they
always Start Something!

Human Resources

Even though Jumps started out as a family-owned enterprise, it has transformed itself into a professionally managed company led by an experienced and qualified leadership team. Having grown from within, Jumps appreciates the value of developing its human resources by providing opportunities for career advancement, cross-functional mobility and personal growth.

The environment is non-hierarchical with a work ethos that recognises and rewards merit, aptitude and a proactive approach.

It offers an exciting opportunity for inclusive growth through multitasking, teamwork and a hands-on approach. The compensation package is at par with industry standards, and well-documented and structured HR policies and practices are in place. A system of regular appraisals and rewards is used to motivate performance-driven high-flyers.

That’s the great thing about people at Jumps – they always Start Something!