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How Does a Starter Motor Work?


If your vehicle has developed an electrical fault, you'll want to get it dealt with quickly, affordably and efficiently. Here, at Jumps Auto Industries Ltd, we have over 26 years' experience in making electrical systems for the automotive industry. With our specialist knowledge and first class customer service, we are a leading supplier to dealers in over 50 countries. We offer high quality starter motors at competitive prices.

Starter motor is a must for the successful functioning of any vehicle. The Starter motor performs this function by changing electrical energy from the battery to mechanical energy, through gears, and then to the flywheel on the engine's crankshaft. During cranking, the flywheel rotates and the earful mixture is drawn into the cylinder, compressed and ignited to start the engine.

When a current flows from the battery through the Ignition terminal to the hold-in and pull-in coil, then from the pull-in coil current flows through the field terminal to the field coil and Armature also. The solenoid plungers pull the drive closer to mesh the pinion gear with ring gear.

When the gears are meshed, the contest plate on the plunger turns on the main switch by closing the connection between the battery terminal & field terminal. More current goes to the motor and rotators with greater torque.

Current no longer flows to function terminal but the main switch remains close to allow the current flow. Battery torments through the pull-in coil to the hold-in coil,  magnetic fields in the two coils connects with each other, and the plunger is pulled back by the return spring.

The high current to the motor is cut out and the pinion gear disengages from the ring gear. Then the armature stops by spring-loaded brakes.

Excessive cranking or vehicle faults resulting in the starter motor remaining engaged can result in excessive heat generation and the premature failure of the starter motor and/or its components.

Jumps Auto manufactures replacement starter motors for LRS195, 0001367037, IS1159, IS1158, LRS212, LRS232, LRS1247.

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