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How is electrical current transmitted from the battery to a starter motor?


A Solenoid Switch works as a powerful electrical relay- when the switch is turned on for ignition in a vehicle, a small electric current is shipped to the starter motors solenoid which connects the battery is power to the electric starter motor. At the same time, the starter motors solenoid switch pushes the starter drive gear forward to mesh with the engine regulator. In order to function, the solenoid switch of a starter motor requires a management wire for the positive battery cable and two massive terminals for the starter motor.
A solenoid switch is a device which converts voltage to mechanical work. A solenoid is made above a free moving steel plunger. The first wound coil operates at a high current level, to produce the most pull or push. The second wound coil simply holds the plunger in place once it has completed its stroke and bottomed out. Since the current required to carry the plunger in place is low, a dual coil solenoid scan be energized unceasingly without overheating.

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